Keep in mind that we will plant especially for you, once you place your order indicating which varieties you want, we can make the first
delivery at your door on Friday after 15 days have elapsed and then every week until the weeks you have requested
the delivery is included in the price per tray, as long as you buy 1 tray for at least 4 weeks.

To order, please fill out the following form letting us know the details of your purchase
We will send you via email the advance payment of your order to complete the process.

Remember, in each tray you can choose up to six different varieties of Microgreen.
The varieties that we offer are the following:

Arugula, Amaranth, Red Basil, Basil, Cilantro, Red Radish, Radish, Wasabi,Mustard, Red Cabbage, Chives,Corn, Pea, Tendril Pea, Carrot,
Wheatgrass, Sunflower, Parsley, Brocoli and Kale

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